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Monday, April 4, 2016

This is my most recent self-portrait

March 2016. Dumbo, NYC.

I have rapid fire(ed) off blog posts. And like a pie chart, I know why.

Yet, like a spiral graph, I feel like I have landed here. And here is a spot that I've been (in a way) dreaming to get to.

And maybe not even that, yet: truly! But I am in a softer (like fucking feathers) spot: I feel like a marshmallow and a mountain all at once.

Fuck! I feel good!

Going on for a length that I am unaccustomed to. Rebounding with the elasticity of a rubber band. 

Fuck! What's going on?

I took this photo a month ago. I finally felt like I no longer looked like a youth. There was a panic and calm [marshmallow/mountain] that blanketed me.

And maybe I am thinking about Justin's analogy of birth feeling like death too often, however (!) I am in a new place, rather, stepping. 
Through a door. 

I enjoy. Now. 

Time is linear: a [cell phone] journal


32nd birthday.
Orlando, FL. 1989.

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Galatians 3:27, 28

Super Bowl XLIX

Sip of Sunshine.

Dave Chappelle. Flynn Theater.

Houston, Tx???